Sunday, 21 October 2012

In search of a consistent ethic

On 20 October 2012 Questions from a Ewe published a guest contribution by Ray Temmerman.   It is a reflection worth pondering
Our Catholic leadership has taken, and continues to take, a strong position on life issues, especially where sexual ethics and the first nine months of human life are concerned. They have made it clear that any deviation from a sexual norm determined long ago is considered an intrinsic moral evil. And any activity, or indeed any method of acting, which is contrary to the natural order of things is not considered morally acceptable. They are to be applauded for their clarity of vision, and their determination to hold life sacred, allegedly from conception to natural death.

But I find myself wondering, and questioning.
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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Did the Church leave all of us?

Found on Catholica today

Tom Poelker from St Louis, Missouri, sent in this commentary a few days ago that probably expresses the feelings of many elders who are attacted to Catholica. Around the other side of the world, we sit here pondering on the reflections sent to us and simply wonder if these hierarchs and prelates who have been responsible for pushing so many of the faithful away from the altar ever stop for a single micro-second and reflect on what sort of"reward" they are going to earn for this enormous emptying of the pews? One wonders how cock sure some people can be of their "eternal certitudes"?
by Tom Poelker

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Swimming against the tide

George, a regular contributor to our discussion group, sends this link and comment

Swimming against the tide......

IMHO, this is Vatican Doublespeak. It is not about the rising tide of *Secularism* that b16 and the episcopacy are concerned. It is about their frustration with the larger and growing larger number of Catholics and non-Catholics who continually pay less and less attention to their so-called teachings/sayings. The possibility of this effort bringing them results is about the same as the *Catholics Come Home*  program effort in the USA. As it is not possible to dialogue with them, people eventually begin to ignore them, which is when people win, bishops lose.

However, it will give the Good Old Boys an opportunity to drink excellent wine and dine on fine cuisine at the faithful*s expense. They probably fly First Class, too. Some aspects of a bishops life are quite good.

However, I’m not complaining – tomorrow is Half Price Slice day at my favorite pizza parlor!