Saturday, 30 January 2010

"Change implies Tension"

Our account of the meeting of Stand Up for Vatican 2 begins:

Frank Regan, Editor in Chief of 'Renew', opened the meeting (26 January) by welcoming everyone. He professed his deep commitment to all that the Second Vatican Council stood for. From his perspective, chief among these reforms was the commitment to work for Justice and Peace together with lay participation in the Church.

He reminded us that any form of change implies tension between those who want to move forward and those who are comfortable with the status quo. As the Church, and not mere members of it (Pope Pius XII, 1946), all Catholics need to reflect on its future and ask the question "Where is it going?".

With benign humour he noted the grey-power in the room and reminded us of the lack of young people in the Church. They were not interested in internal political struggle or dead Services when attending church. They wanted something that would inspire them to make the world a better place. The question we, of the senior generation, needed to address was how we were going to hand the Church on to the next generation.

We Are Church's recommendation:
Obtain a copy of "The Basic Sixteen Documents Vatican Council 11" by Austin Flannery OP and read what the Council said. Fr Flannery also published two volumes of all the documents from the Council. They are very readable and you will appreciate the wonderful courage of Blessed Pope John XXIII in council with all the Bishops in fearlessly opening the doors to the modern world.

Also, please visit Stand Up for Vatican II

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