Sunday, 25 March 2012

We Are Church (Ireland)

The Tablet reported this week on the Vatican-sponsored review of the Irish Church.

There seems to be confusion over what is meant by dissent.

One view proposes that the "dissident views" are those held about fundamental issues such as the divinity of Christ or the reality of the Resurrection.

An alternative view says that "dissent" refers to those opposed to mandatory celibacy, concern about the top-down governance of the Church and the ordination of women.

We Are Church (Ireland) criticised the call for a more rigid enforcement of existing Church teaching.   Their statement included the observation that there was "a widespread belief among laity and priests that the full participation of women in all ministries, a ban on compulsory celibacy and the involvement of all the baptised in decision-making is necessary for the renewal of the Church."

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