Friday, 4 May 2012

Response to "The Tablet: Who was behind the LCWR investigation?"

We received this from a correspondent who had just read , "The Tablet: Who was behind the LCWR investigation?" by James Martin SJ

I’m not surprised by the (un) “American” bishops named as co-conspirators in the article. It is still valuable to know who they are with regard to this “power play” move against the LCWR. It is why I no longer call the bishops in this country “American.” I only refer to them as the “Roman” bishops of this country. When asked, I then explain that they have no allegiance to this country since they have pledged “absolute” obedience to the Roman papacy. This has been “reality” since JPII and more so with B16. The shift to absolute “medievalism” has been the deliberate policy of the Vatican for over 30 years starting with JPII who deliberately chose only bishops that were authoritarian “medievalists.” There are no longer any “American” bishops. There are no longer any bishops that want to be seen as “pastoral” especially in the mold of John XXIII.

Power, control, fear, and above all obedience have replaced the commandment to love one another. IMO obedience trumps love when the “end justifies the means” and there is no dialogue or respect for diversity for opinion. That is why I say there are no “American” bishops and there is no “love” coming out of the Vatican. Love has nothing to do with Rome. When faced with this the laity need to realize there is only one choice to make, be a prophet and speak the truth to Power and organize to resist. The alternative is slavery to Power. Jesus took the road of the prophet in speaking to earthly power. Now the choice belongs to the laity of the church.


PS. Isolated allegations about “weird” practices occurring by a few individual nuns will be treated as common occurences with LCWR’sendorsement. I saw similar such exaggerated distortions when a newly ordained priest gave a training to experienced lay communion ministers. He told horror stories about how lay communion ministers would spill “our Lord’s precious blood” and drop “his body” on the floor and not clean the communion vessels according to canon law. Such desecrations he asserted must never happen again. He spoke as if such things were frequent and common “abuses.” Of course we were also told we were no longer “eucharistic ministers” because that required ordination. We were “only” ministers of communion.

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