Wednesday, 4 July 2012

An alternative view

Sam Kennedy has sent this to us.

After hearing various things about this group i decided to check out your website. I am not impressed in the slightest. Your outspoken support for women in the priesthood is disgraceful, women are important within the church and have been since its beginnings but they are not to be ordained as priests. This is exactly the type of liberal nonsense that the church does not need at this time. Countless doctors of the church and renowned theologians have affirmed that only men are to be ordained as priests. These are theologically rooted decisions, not an act of supremacy over women. The infallible church is to be acknowledged as "the pillar of truth" by all catholics, to oppose and ridicule the church as you are doing on this site is simply wrong.

Please stop abusing our church. You are a source of embarassment to catholicism and I have heard your names mentioned to support many athiest arguments.

If liberalism takes over the church, our tradition and most of the things that set us apart from false religion will be lost. The beauty of the latin mass, the respect of our superiors as successors of the apostles etc etc..


Jesus Christ be Praised.


  1. Sam you really need to look at the issues in a little more detail. As one who insisted that all you said was true and who went to a Catholic College to get a Catholic degree in Theology, it is important that this church of ours has discredited herself on countless occasions and frequently would cause the living Christ to weep. The institution per se is accountable to us her members, no less than the Nazi regime was accountable to the members of humanity who saw through her, consider Sophie Scholl for example. Oh yes Sam, perhaps like you I saw all non Catholics as doomed and especially our non Christian brethren. Today there are many who will inherit the kingdom who do not wear the churches clothing. Such self righteousness you allude to smells of the smug Pharisees which Jesus condemned. I think it unlikely my comments will modify your position. Perhaps if you had a wife who wanted to be a priest, a child abused by a priest, a church spending millions to give reparation to its victims, a son who wanted to study theology and was silenced by the church, an uncle who was rebuked by the church for being a priest of the poor and told to be careful who he criticised in a sermon, a sister who has six children and can't afford anymore and is told birth control is a sin and whose body is frail and weak from childbirth, a son who says he loves a fellow male, a wife who will die if she goes to term with her child, a Jewish friend who is astonished that some clergy deny their grandparents were murdered by the Nazis, a brother who regularly writes to his local priest on matters of faith and every time his communication is ignored, a church which you love being closed because of falling numbers of those who felt the need to walk away - a church you have been in for forty years, perhaps then you might seen that there is something rotten and evil in our church, but then again you might turn a blind eye. Tomorrow we cremate a mother in law who was a truly caring woman who has lived for others, however she is not quite saved is she, as she is a Methodist. We have so many rules Sam we can't walk and love without being tripped up by them, yet Jesus say the need for two basic rules. Open your heart Sam.


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  2. An interesting exercise:

    Countless doctors of the church and renowned theologians have affirmed that not only men are to be ordained as priests.

    If conservatism takes over the church, our tradition and most of the things that set us apart from false religion will be lost.

    Sounds familiar? And it is true.

    As a comment, I would like to say that everyone can attend a latin mass. I do once in a year. But if I am forced to do, well...
    I absolutely respect our superiors as successors of the apostles, but if they behave like infant children, there is not much I can respect.

    You Mr. Kennedy can watch over the ashes, I have no problem with that. But with all respect your choice. But my children, I will hand on of the fire, and you should respect my choice.

  3. Sam while the world grows darker by the day the church, your church , my church has become unable to speak to the world, while the world waits for words of hope and answers for the dilemmas of our day, the church has silenced itself , it has lost its authority even among many of the faithful through its own folly and it's reluctance to follow the spirit of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ


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