Sunday, 3 February 2013

Saving it for what?

Thank you, John, for these thought provoking words:

Save My Soul?

Why are some people
trying to
Save their Souls,
for what I’m not sure?

For some future reward,
I guess.

Rather than trying to
Save my Soul
for some future reward
I’m trying
to Expend my Soul
in Love and Compassion
for others.

did not try
to Save
His body or Soul
for anything;

He Expended Himself
Love of Others,
Love and Compassion
into every one of
His life experiences.

If we go through Life
never having expended ourselves,
never having Loved or been Loved,
saving ourselves
for something,
we’ve missed
the whole point of it all,
the whole point of
this great gift of life.

Don’t Save it;
Use it
or Lose it.

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