Tuesday, 30 December 2008

WARNING – Deadly Self-Excommunication Virus

With thanks to ARCC Spot Light:

"Self-Excommunication Virus" attack defense

Beware a recently identified virus. Once activated, you have 30 days to live as a Roman Catholic. Other Christians are not affected. Apparently any Roman Catholic who has openly supported women's ordination, stemcell research, homosexual civil rights, even Obama for President, (and others yet to be identified) are susceptible and considered a potentially dangerous carrier.

If Susceptible: (You have supported or sent opinions on these topics)

1. Avoid thinking about these topics.
2. Purge your Deleted and Waste Basket files
3. Do not open materials you might be tempted to respond to as idiotic
4. Never allow the truth as you know it to confuse any issue.

If Already Targeted:

1. IMMEDIATELY purge your intellectual hard drive - there is no known cure.
2. Closing your connection will not stop the automatic excommunication.
3. A Malware Repair kit is available, but the cost is too high.

Long Term Prognosis:

The good news is that the effects of this virus wears off eventually. You will function normally, and in the process learn that most of your fellow Catholics are carriers as well. Fortunately, you will have had an Adam and Eve experience - and now know better the difference between good and evil, - called a "Happy Fault" by St. Thomas.

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