Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cardboard Cathedral

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A cathedral made from cardboard.

The idea may sound flimsy, particularly given that cathedrals tend to be known for their solid presence: the flying buttresses, the soaring domes, the Gothic grandeur. But in the earthquake-devastated city of Christchurch, Anglican leaders believe it will deliver both a temporary solution and a statement about the city’s recovery.

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Ted comments:

'The construction of a cardboard cathedral (until a stone one can be built) not only speaks well for the ingenuity of New Zealanders, but also stands (for me) as a symbol on two levels.

1. It shows the determination of the NZ Christians to create a centre for worship that survives and resists the worst the world (actually as well as symbolically) can throw at it.

2. Then the symbol goes on to the determination of the people of the church - the People of God - to build a centre for worship despite the crumbling and collapse of the Church. "Tear down this temple and I will rebuild it in three days" should be posted over the front door.'

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