Sunday, 1 April 2012

Competing Voices

John Chuchman today, in Catholica, gives voice to a common concern one hears expressed in communities where people feel increasingly disenfranchised from their church or faith community: should we speak up or remain silent; should we stay or leave? It's a good discussion point. What thoughts do you have?
Not a day goes by
without my hearing two internal competing voices:
one saying,
These hierarchs are destroying my church,
I must speak out against their abuse;
the other urging,
John, it's a waste of time and energy;
the good 'ole boys will never change the rules of their club
and jeopardize their prized positions.
Give it up.

Superimposed on those voices within,
I get contrary messages from others:
some saying,
Please keep speaking out against the abuse;
silence is complicity;
others urging me,
Don't be controlled by your anger.
Let's move on, John.

I most enjoy my writings and workshops
on Spirituality and spiritual growth and nurturing,
find it almost impossible to stop speaking out and writing
against the destruction of my church.

Millions of Catholics have simply left, moved on.
The Church has been such an important part of my life;
I seem unable just to leave.

I grieve
the loss of all church can and should be for me
and, as a grief counselor, I know I must continue to name my loss
without letting my loss name me.
However, it is not a loss that's over and done,
but one that keeps happening
as the abusive hierarchs
dismantle Church
abusive act after destructive act.

Any ideas?

Love, John Chuchman
This reflection is also published on John Chuchman's blog.

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